Montclair Pet Grooming LLC has a staff that is experienced in grooming all breeds of dogs from the large Bouvier Des Flanders to the little Yorkshire Terriers, every breed is welcome. If you prefer a different style than the breed's traditional clip please inform your groomer and we will work with you. If there is matting the groomer will inform you of how to safely proceed with the groom to ensure your pets comfort. A dematting process requires more time and therefore the price will be subjected to an increase depending on the severity of matting. Your pet is given breaks during this process to keep stress at a minimum. We offer soothing oatmeal and medicated baths for dogs with dry or problematic skin. 
It is important to your pets comfort and health to have them groomed regularly, every 6-8 weeks. If you notice some matting in between your pets appointments please give us a call and we can schedule your pet for a brush-out in between grooming. Our prices are subject to change depending on your pets coat conditions and temperament. 

  Montclair Pet Grooming LLC offers a complimentary toothbrushing to first time customers, and if you adopt a new pet bring in the adoption papers with your pet to receive a discount! For those who serve in the military please show ID; or inform our staff if you are a Police officer, Fire Fighter, or EMT to receive a discount for your services! A high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the best possible service to you with loyalty rewards.

Please Call 973-707-7667 now to book your appointment!

Hours Of Operation

Tuesday- Friday      9:00 Am- 5:00 Pm

Saturday                 9:00 Am- 7:00 Pm

Sunday                   10:00 Am- 6:00 Pm

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